Commercial Radon Mitigation

Commercial Radon Mitigation Fan! Heart Of the Mitigation System

Most of the people are tense about the efficient working of the radon mitigation system. The component that plays an important role in the perfect working of the mitigation system is the Commercial Radon Mitigation Fan. Fan acts as the only electrical working part of the radon mitigation system.

We are providing the best material available in the market. If you are worried about the working and cost of the mitigation system, just contact us. We will serve you with the best-suited system that will be cost-effective and long-lasting.


Various prospects of Commercial Radon Mitigation fan

We have the best electrician in our team. The mitigation system fan is the only portion of the assembly that has the moving parts i.e. blades. Fan working can affect your electricity bill consumption. With our guidance, we will install such a system that will be cost-effective.

Clients that come to us are mostly worried about the safety of the fan. It is because most of the fans are installed outside of the building. There is no need to worry about it. Our fans have the waterproof sealing and still if you are not satisfied with this, we will install a cover over the mitigation system fan.

The cover acts as an additional layer of protection. It helps to provide a fan from lightening. There is a lid over the outer duct. This lid does not allow the water and debris to enter the pipeline.


Our way of working

Once you contact us for the installation of the radon mitigation system, there is a visual survey of the place. In the mitigation visual survey, it is found out that how much the quantity of radon is present and how much powerful fan is required for the gas to be effectively removed.

After a complete inspection, the system is installed. The system consists of pipes, elbows, and fans mainly. The hole is dug in the basement of the house with the mechanical force. After it inside assembly is installed then the fan is next in the line and finally the outer duct if assembled.


Testing Process and Cost

The testing involves the cleaning of the draining duct so that if there is any debris inside the pipe they are removed. Testing is not expensive. However, it will cost you a maximum of $120. For the longer life span of the radon mitigation system, you should hire our experts for testing.

Our way of working, the material of constructions we used, is long-lasting and we guarantee this. We are devoted to our customers and we provide the best available in the market. We are working according to the rules and regulations of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulations authorities in the country.


One time investment

Radon system can cost up to $1000 and it is a one-time investment. Our installed systems are capable to deliver the best results and you will find out that with time, our system will cause a sure decrease in the radon quantity and there is the main role of radon fan to do so.