Does your brand effectively target your ideal customers?

What does it take to make your brand recognized and trustworthy? The first step is to define what makes you different from the competition, the second is to create a slogan related to that characteristic. Once you have completed these critical steps, you can start working on the points below. As you assemble these elements, don’t forget to stay true to your brand’s unique approach in capital smart city map, remember that everything you do must represent you and your business of Property news.

Purpose, meaning, and consistency are essential to achieving a successful personal brand. Once you have gathered the following elements, you will have created a virtual library about your brand that will undoubtedly help you to promote yourself on any platform, free or paid, and for any purpose.


The message behind your personal brand is the explanation of why you are the owner. The language you use to describe your story is the way you will connect with your clients both professionally and personally. To achieve this remember:

  • State your mission : define your mission as a real estate agent, establish your fundamentals, objectives and direction. This is more for you than for your clients.
  • Create a clear speech : in 10 seconds you will have to state who you are, what sets you apart from all other real estate professionals, including exactly who you can help, how you will help them and what they can achieve with that help.
  • Biography : it should not exceed 500 words and it should start with a phrase or a question that captures the attention of your potential prospects. The most effective statements are personal, leaving the reader wanting more.


It is always better to hire a professional photographer to capture the images that will represent your brand. As you prepare for the photo shoot, think about what you are trying to convey to your ideal client: Trust? Sincerity? Energy? Also think about the outfit and the colors that best suit the emotion you are looking for. Here are the 6 types of photographs you will need:

  1. Friendly shots
  2. Relaxed shots
  3. Funny shots
  4. Take where you are in action, doing your daily work activities
  5. Full body shot
  6. Take with promotional pose


The main purpose of a strong personal brand is to position you as an authority in your chosen niche. The best way to achieve this is to share your experience through various media. We recommend that you have at least one of your own material that demonstrates your experience and supports the foundation of your brand. Here are some content suggestions you can create in the form of an ebook, video, podcast, article, slide show, or webinar.

  • Specific advice : This is the most common type of expert content and offers advice in a specific area, an example could be: “Senior Housing Guide” or “10 Steps for an Easy Transition to Your New Home”.
  • Misconceptions about your market : This resource will position you as an expert capable of helping your clients understand the real situation behind the myths.
  • Entertainment guides : reports on fun family activities that may be attractive to your clients, thus showing the detailed knowledge you have of your area, as well as showing your personality and the links you have with your community.