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The Advantages of G Suite for Your Business (Why We Use It)By Brian Jackson • Updated on December 9, 2019We utilize a Large Number of SaaS goods here in Kinsta

Domain hosting

To keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes and also to enhance the

growth of the group.  1 product we couldn’t live without is G Suite!  We aren’t reluctant to come out and say it is definitely the

best solution available on the industry.

Not to mention the additional features that it comes with, like google Drive

storage and applications such as Google Docs along with Google Sheets.


Now we will dive into Alpha Suite’s benefits,

Why we recommend it to all our clients and use it, and how it compares to

comparable options on the market.


Unparalleled Benefits of G SuiteWhile those attributes above are Excellent, now it is time to


Dive into some of the benefits of using G Suite for your company.


G SuiteHosting email only hosting Using Third-Party Is Consistently Suggested It’s never recommended to host your email

Business you use for WordPress hosting.  That’s why we don’t and will never offer

email hosting for our clients (besides possibly a G Suite addition down the street in MyKinsta. )  We go into detail

about the reasons here.  But we will give you a quick summary of why below:


If your server is used by you, you’re tied to IP addresses that your

Host has configured for outgoing email.  If anything goes wrong with this, such

as a client there is an opportunity that the IP address could have blacklisted because of spam.  Then you left hanging without a control.


Among the biggest downfalls to relying in your own WordPress

Host for emails is deliverability issues.  With G Package, you are able to authenticate email using DKIM and SPF files that can impact your spam



Sending emails via your WordPress host could

Lead to server resources problems.  You won’t ever have to be concerned about it, by offloading email to some third-party, particularly Bundle.


Services across suppliers is obviously a

Very good thing.  We always recommend separating DNS (we comprise Amazon Route 53 DNS

for many customers ), WordPress hosting, and emailaddress.  In this way if something goes wrong

with one, your email is constantly flowing.  You may guarantee this by using suppliers, although most probably your DNS will nevertheless route regardless.


So as you can see, going using a third-party for email

Hosting is actually useful to your enterprise.


Caveats (Transactional and Marketing Emails)While G Package accounts do not have an SMTP limitation, for all those

Of you sending thousands of emails each month, we generally do not recommend

them for sending mass mails or unread mails (buys, registering, or resetting a password, etc).  You can read the laundry list of the sender

guidelines.  For these types of mails we recommend the next transactional

email solutions:


Mailgun transactional email Services MailgunMailgunSendGrid (we use SendGrid here at Kinsta for our

Transaction emails)


SparkPostMailjetAmazon SESDo not worry about, if you are just beginning and small

Before you start sending out large amounts Your trade emails.  You can get

started with G Suite for all and be fine.  Some of the

suppliers like Mailgun above, let you ship 10,000 transactional emails each month.  This does not need to be an expense.

And additional emails then are pennies.  Read more about

mails that are untrue.


It Is Extremely Inexpensive, although G Suite Is Not The Cheapest There are

As Zoho (we’ll dive into a contrast further below).  like we

always suggest that you invest in managed WordPress hosting, so your enterprise email

is not one of these places you should try and save a buck.  Having an email host

that you’re able to count on can help you save money down the road.


Here are some quick estimations for you:For five employees you are looking at $30/monthFor 10 workers you are looking at $60/monthFor 15 workers you’re considering $90/monthFor everything that G Suite includes, that’s a pretty great


Bargain and type of a no-brainer!


You Can Even opt-in to your rate by changing to an

Yearly subscription.  An yearly subscription provides savings of up to 20 percent more

than the standard subscription.  The terrific part is should you prefer you may be billed to the yearly subscription.


G Suite Is Secure as It GetsG Suite is built which

Provides the highest security available on the industry.  It’s trusted by some of the biggest

companies in the world; such as HP Whirlpool, and Salesforce.  As

Google states, they are leading having a”security-first mindset”  They have

expertise financing and industry-leading wisdom each and each of their

goods, such as G Suite.


G Suite securityHere are a couple highlights

Your information:


G Suite Admin: Offers administrator the ability to control

How information is protected, see control mobile devices, and reports.  G Package administrators can also disallow workers from having the capacity to enable”less secure programs”


Encryption (TLS): G Suite provides email encryption in



Certs, Audits, and Assessments: G Suite brings

Independent audits on a regular basis.


Data Retention: G Suite Provides the capability to retain,

Archive, search, and export your data.


Privacy: your data scan does not accumulate, or utilize in

G Package services for promotion purposes.  There are no ads in any of these G Bundle solutions.  You have your own data.


Transparency: Google provides

Reports informed.


You can check out the security and compliance of Google Cloud

Whitepaper for more information.