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The Advantages of G Suite for Your Business (Why We Use It)From Brian Jackson • Updated on December 9, 2019We utilize a Large Number of SaaS goods that are distinct here in Kinsta

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To keep everything and also to improve the team’s growth.  1 product which we couldn’t live without is

unquestionably G Suite!  We aren’t afraid to come out and say it is definitely the

best solution available on the market now for your company.

And of course the features that it includes, like google Drive

storage and tools such as Google Docs along with Google Sheets.


Today we will dive into Alpha Suite’s benefits,

The reason why we use it and recommend it to all of our customers, and how it compares to

comparable solutions available on the market.


Now it is time to, while those attributes above are great

Dive into some of the real advantages of utilizing G Suite for your business.


G SuiteHosting email only hosting Using Third-Party Is Consistently Advised It is never recommended to host your email with the same


Company you use for WordPress hosting.  That is why we don’t and will never provide email hosting to our customers (other than perhaps a G Bundle addition down the road

in MyKinsta. )  We go into detail

concerning the motives here.  But we’ll Provide you a quick overview of why below:


If your server is used by you, you are tied to IP addresses which your

Host has configured for outgoing email.  There is if anything goes wrong with this, like a client suddenly spamming.  Then you left hanging without a control.


Among the downfalls to relying on your own WordPress

Host for mails is difficulties.  With G Suite, you can authenticate

outbound mail using DKIM and SPF files that can positively impact your spam



Sending emails via your WordPress host could

Lead to host resources issues.  You’ll never have to think about this, by offloading e mail to an third party, particularly G Bundle.


Services across several suppliers is always a

Excellent thing.  We always recommend separating DNS (we include Amazon Route 53 DNS

for all clients), WordPress hosting, and emailaddress.  In this way if something else goes wrong

with one, your email is always flowing.  Your DNS will still route

no matter but by using providers you can guarantee this.


Whilst you can see, going using a third party for email

Hosting is actually helpful to your company.


Caveats (Transactional and Marketing Emails)While G Suite accounts do not have an SMTP limitation, for those


Of you sending thousands of emails every month, we usually do not suggest them for sending bulk emails or transactional emails (purchases, registering,

resetting a password, etc).  You can read the laundry list of their sender

guidelines.  For These Kinds of mails we urge the following transactional

email services:


Mailgun transactional email Support MailgunMailgunSendGrid (we utilize SendGrid here at Kinsta for our

Trade emails)


SparkPostMailjetAmazon SESDo not worry about, if you are just beginning and small

Before you start sending large amounts out your transaction emails.  You can get

started with G Package for everything and be fine.  Some of the

providers like Mailgun above, let you send 10,000 transactional emails per

month at no cost.  This does not have to be an expense.

And emails then are pennies to send.  Read more about

emails that are transactional.


It Is Extremely Inexpensive, although G Suite Is Not The Cheapest There are

As Zoho (we’ll dive right into a contrast farther below).  But like we

always advise that you invest in restricted WordPress hosting, then your enterprise email

isn’t one.  Possessing an email host

that you can count on can save you money down the road.


Here are some quick estimations for you:For five workers you are looking at $30/monthFor 10 employees you’re looking at $60/monthFor 15 employees you are looking at $90/monthFor all those that G Bundle comprises, that is a Fairly great


Bargain and kind of a no-brainer!


You can into your rate by changing to an

Yearly subscription.  An annual subscription offers savings of around 20 percent over the standard monthly subscription.  The terrific part is you can nevertheless be

billed on the yearly subscription should you would like.


As It Gets, G Suite Is Secure G Suite is built which

Provides the maximum security on the marketplace.  It is reliable Salesforce, and by some of the biggest companies such as HP Whirlpool; in the world.  As

Google states, they’re top having a”security-first mindset”  They’ve expertise backing and wisdom each and every one of their



G Package safety Here are a couple highlights of ways Alpha Bundle protects you and


Your data:


G Suite Admin: Provides administrator the capability to control

How data is protected, view reports, and even control devices that are cellular.  G Package administrators may also disallow employees from having the ability to enable”less protected programs”


Encryption (TLS): G Package provides email encryption in



Certs, Audits, and Assessments: G Suite undergoes

Independent third-party audits on a regular basis.


Data Retention: G Package Provides the ability to retain,

Archive, search, and export your information.


Privacy: your data use, or scan does not accumulate in

G Suite services for advertising purposes.  There are also no ads in any of the

G Bundle solutions.  You have your personal data.


Transparency: Google provides transparency


Reports to keep consumers informed.


You can check out Google Cloud’s security and compliance


Whitepaper to find out more.