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Symbol despite herself of a society that invisibilizes and discriminates

Add to that the fact that in addition to this fiasco, the designer had to create from scratch the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride, and you get a little idea of ​​the rate of mental load generated during these celebrations. Jackie Kennedy’s words towards him are therefore only sharper and recall with what ease certain “little hands” with prodigious qualities have found themselves erased from history. Yet there is so much to say about Ann Lowe.

Born in Clayton (Alabama), initiated at a very young age to what will become her great passion (her mother and grandmother are seamstresses at the service of “the rich elites of Alabama”, we learn the site The Lily ), Ann Lowe showed unwavering determination very early on. See rather: at the age of sixteen, his mother died. Four dresses intended for the first lady of Alabama thus remain unfinished. Never mind, although bereaved, the young woman completes the work alone. Two years later, Ann Lowe began her career at a fashion school in New York.

The administrators do not hide their surprise, surprised to see an African-American student land. Although separated from her comrades, she would easily graduate. Then the designer flies to Florida. Stayed there for ten years. And, upon her return, traces a career as a fashion designer entirely dedicated to the most golden names in American high society, from the Rockefellers to the Roosevelt family. “Woman in the shadows”, Ann Lowe will always remain so, despite her (symbolic) presence on many classy photographs frock design 2020.
The proof ? In 1947, narrates Keyoncé, Ann Lowe designed the beautiful floral dress worn by the British actress Olivia de Havilland ( Gone with the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood ), during the prestigious Academy Awards. But his name does not even appear on the label! If “Ann Lowe’s unique dresses were extremely well made and immediately attracted affluent high society customers”, all too often, she did her job without earning any credit, still deplores the surfer on Twitter.
frock design 2020against women, and even more so African-American women , the designer has never hidden her allergy to snobbery. Leaves to suffer, says the user, his “lack of business acumen”. The one to whom we owe many evening dresses – and wedding dresses – displayed a polite indifference towards “the beautiful world” and was content simply to say:

“I like my clothes and I am particularly attentive to the person who wears them. carry.”
Said like that, it is difficult beyond the splendor of this fashion history to envisage a joyful “American-style” happy end. And yet, the 19-year-old surfer favors a positive attitude. She reminds us that Ann Lowe’s legacy has survived, despite this contempt. “Her dresses can be found in several museums, such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art,” she enthuses. And his name deserves to be relayed on social networks and beyond.