Lifetime Radon Solutions! Installation Steps

When you discover that you have been living under the influence of Radon Gas for some time and also its value is touching 4 picocuries per Liter (4.0 pCi/L), then you would surely question yourself that nothing has happened to me until now so what could happen to me in future? Then tell us that can you sleep under X-Ray or can you microwave your food with the door open. Surely your answer will be No. then I hope you should have realized by now by now that they are all radiations and one day or another if exposed for a long time, they will surely cause a tremendous amount of damage to our body. Above all this Radon gas is colorless, odorless there is no possible way to identify it without testing our houses and if you wait for the symptoms to take place then do remember that when the symptoms arrives it’ll be too late by then because till then you have absorbed too much of radiations already and there would be no way for anyone to reverse it. You can check from the EPA or from the US Surgeon General, they would verify that around 20,000 deaths took place every year in America because of Radon Gas.

That how much hurting the Radon Gas is and according to these facts and figures we urge you that Radon Removal is utmost important from every home. And don’t delay if your house hasn’t been inspected yet. Just give us a call and we’ll deal with everything.

If you smoke then quit it today to avoid lung cancer and if you are a non-smoker than you are still prone to lung cancer and to avoid this we recommend that you mitigate your home today of Radon Gas and for that purpose you just have to give us a call. Leave the rest up to us then. Our professional and certified staff will not only give you a detail report of the presence of Radon Gas in your home but also recommend solutions for you according to your area and space. We promise you that we’ll try our best to not to disrupt your everyday routine in any way and do our work quickly and efficiently to give you the best of the results you desire from us. How to Install a Radon Mitigation System is explained in 4 steps below

  • First, our radon technicians examine the interior and exterior of your home to determine the most effective placement and configuration for our radon mitigation system.
  • Next, we’ll identify whether or not your sump pump is fit for the radon mitigation process. If you don’t have a sump pump, or need a replacement, we’ll do it on the spot.
  • After your sump pump has been inspected, radon channels are drilled to concentrate and divert the Rn gas into the mitigation system.
  • Finally, we vent the gas safely into the atmosphere and clean up our work areas, leaving your home exactly as we found it, except safer for you and your family.

All this work will be done in a couple of hours’ times.

After finishing the installation procedure, we would set up a follow through tests which is done to check whether our installed system is working properly or not and also to check whether the Radon Gas level has gotten below the EPA standards or not. Remember we couldn’t predict exactly the levels of Radon Gas in your house but we can say that confidently that till now all our installed mitigation systems are working perfectly and efficiently. We haven’t received any complaints about our work in our 20 years of experience.