bathroom shower remodel

Luxury You Could Imagine: Bathroom Shower Remodel

The bathroom is the most personal space within the home which people use for hygiene. It is a place where people start and end their day. At some point, your friends, family, and guests judge your house with your bathroom. This is also a place to go if you want a break from someone, so it is important to have a sparkling and unique bathroom. Among the bathroom is the shower place, which lets you drain during days fatigue. The only way to show off a gross shower area is through bathroom shower remodel.

Types of Showers:

You will come across many designs when planning to construct a new bathroom or shower remodeling, for which you need to have whole information about various types of showers. In this way, you could select the best one to suit your need. First of all, you will have to decide which shower you want. Custom made or pre-fabricated. Custom showers are self designed, which gives exactly the look you want, but they are expensive. Pre-fabricated showers are pocket friendly and come in one piece. These are available in all shapes and sizes according to your desired area. Following are the shower types you could select for your washroom:

  1. Electric Shower: Electric shower heats the water as it runs. It only requires cold water. People now prefer more of electric shower.
  2. Manual Mixer Shower: This type of shower is seen in most of the washrooms. You have to adjust the temperature of hot and cold according to your requirements.
  3. Thermostatic Shower: These are more often known as kid’s friendly shower because you don’t need to adjust the temperature. It can be set on your desired temperature, and every time turns it on, it will be at the same temperature.

Various Shower Heads:

The right shower head can keep you refreshing and energized the whole day. With the right shower head, you can drain out all your tiredness. So if you’re planning to remodel shower, Perfect shower head is an important part. Various Shower heads are:

  • Single Setting: The most affordable and common shower heads around, these provide a good pressure of water in a single pattern giving you a wonderful shower experience.
  • Multi-Setting: These water heads give you different types of water streams such as power rain, power massage, and power mist. More of the ten shower settings are available. These are a bit expensive but worth it.
  • Shower Tower: With several body jets, these are vertical showers. It has a fixed shower head which sprays the water directly on your body.


Cost and budget is also a major factor when deciding on bathroom shower remodel. To have a budget friendly shower, it is important to have full information because with a pocket-friendly shower; you also need to have it comfortable giving you a luxurious experience of showering. Before planning a new shower, you should do budgeting about the design and installing of the shower.