Select Right Pizza Box for You

How to select the best “Pizza Boxes” in town?

Custom pizza boxes are the best thing for pizza makers to present their pizzas to their clients in better form. But the question is, how to select pizza boxes that are best to use? There are several types of pizza boxes available in the market but to find the best one you have to learn some crucial tips. In this article, we will try our best to address these important tips so you can better understand each one.

Pizza is a food item that is loved by every age fellow. For instance, whenever you have any get together with your friends, pizza is the first food item that you order to eat. And if the presentation of pizza could not impress you probably have reservations on the taste and the quality of the pizza too. So, your custom pizza box should be good to impress people with the quality of your product presentation. And if your taste and quality are remarkable then there are high chances that customers will order back frequently.

There are some important facts that you should remember while choosing the custom pizza boxes for your pizza shop/business.

Box Packaging Material 

Packaging material/stock is the first and the prior thing that you should consider while choosing the best custom pizza boxes. To keep your pizza fresh and moisture free you need to have corrugated material to make your custom pizza boxes instead of the usage of simple cardboard stock. Corrugated stock is a combination of medium and cardboard sheets that provide the ultimate strength to the box to protect your pizza from damage as well as moisture.

Moreover, the corrugated box is made with 100% eco-friendly stock so you do not have to worry about the eco-friendly packaging standards. Due to global warming, the usage of biodegradable packaging boxes has increased in large numbers. Customers also argued with retailers about the eco-friendly packaging. It is also observed that the sales of the products that do not have eco-friendly packaging have decreased significantly.

So, you should use custom corrugated pizza boxes for your pizza to keep it fresh while delivering.

Printing Quality

The next thing you should consider is the printing quality. You should hire a professional printing firm to print your unique and attractive artwork on your custom pizza boxes. There are some minor things, if they are ignored in the printing process you might get the wrong printing results. So by employing the best and professional printing firm you can ensure the printing quality on custom pizza boxes.

Exact/Perfect Box Size

Pizzas are available in different sizes, large, medium, and small. So it is good to have the exact dimensions for your custom pizza boxes. Otherwise, your pizza might lose its topping due to unintentional movements. A professional packaging provider company has the exact idea about how much the box should be wider compared to the pizza and you do not need to worry at all.

Die-Cut Holes

There is an additional tip that you can enhance the freshness of your pizzas. There Are two main types of pizza common in the market, One is deep-pan and another one is thin-crust pizza. For a deep-pan pizza, you should not develop die-cut 1-2 holes to release the heat to save the pizza from moisture. But, in the case of thin-crust pizza, it is good to have 1-2 die-cut holes to keep the crust of the pizza for a longer time.

Final Conclusion About the Pizza Box:

So, we have discussed some core factors that you should check before buying a pizza box., which supplies corrugated boxes for pizza recommends using 1 box only for a single pizza. In this way, your pizza remains safe inside the box even if you have to ship it.