Safety at Work – Let’s Be Careful in the Bounce House

Safety at Work – Let’s Be Careful in the Bounce House

Children love going to a birthday party with a bounce house. It is also very thrilling for the child whose birthday it is.

There are many companies that rent out these wonderful inflatables for these special times but you will want to take note that safety is an issue and it is a good idea to talk about this with the company you choose to rent from. Inflatables are very popular with kids families, but parents need to know that bounce house fun can go very wrong.

Children’s birthday parties are just not the same without these jumping inflatables. But taking precautions is so important as these structures can be harmful.

One thing you should not do is to allow grown people to bounce with small children. In Washington State a 3 year old boy was killed when two adults fell on him inside of the inflatable.

The force that is created from adults jumping makes for very dangerous conditions for the lighter, smaller body of a child.

Adult supervision is extremely important when it comes to letting kids play in bounce house inflatables. If the company you rent from offers a supervision plan then you would be wise to take them up on it as they are experienced in what can be dangerous.

It is essential to limit the amount of kids that play in a house at one time. The manufacture will articulate guidelines and they should be followed. You should also match the weight and the athletic abilities of the children who play in the jumper together.

If you are renting a large bounce house unit for a child’s birthday party make sure that the people you are renting from anchor the unit. The inflatable should be fastened securely and weighted down. Tall units should be secured at the top as well. Keep a lookout for rips in the unit and make sure that it is not sagging.

High winds will make these units very dangerous so be sure to stop the kids from entering the inflatable if those conditions should arise. Children who have had too much sugar from the birthday cake and ice cream can cause problems so adult supervision is key to a safe experience.

If you follow the basic rules and the guidelines presented by the people who make and rent the bounce house inflatables, the kids will have a wonderful experience.

Robin Buckley is an entrepreneur. She has partnered with Christine Hiebel, a passionate parent. Together they offer healthy, safe and active outdoor toys for kids, with their residential bounce house and equipment rental west bend. They also offer parents guidance for starting a home-based business with the inflatable bounce house products.