Six recommendations to buy a house or apartment in presale

Acquiring your home or apartment during the pre-sale phase can be a good option to reduce costs and consolidate a good purchase, which is why we share some recommendations to avoid a bad experience

At first glance, acquiring a house or department in presale mode can be a great idea if you are looking to acquire a property at a relatively lower price, in addition, you can program your finances to make an ideal investment, however, there are also some risks that You may suffer if the construction company does not comply with what was promised or delays the previously established delivery. That is why we share different tips for you who are looking to acquire a property in pechs islamabad presale.

These are some recommendations when buying a house or apartment in presale

  • Find out more about the company and the project
  • Compare real estate options in presale
  • Research the credibility of the company on the Internet
  • It requires a copy of the contract
  • Analyze restrictions and conditions
  • Optimize your new budget during your payments

Find out more about the developer

Beyond factors such as location or budget, it is essential to investigate the credibility of the company, regardless of whether it has extensive experience or coverage. To get to know the construction or development companies in depth, we recommend you go to the nearest office of the Consumer Attorney’s Office and check with the Commercial Bureau that PROFECO has. In the same way, you can consult basic questions with former clients of other developments or constructions. In addition, you must ask the company for information related to deeds, building permits, licenses and building rights, among other documents. It is very important to consult this information from the beginning, as this will take you away from the uncertainty when investing a considerable amount of money in your future assets, however,

Compare real estate options in presale

It is likely that the design of a department has hooked you and you already visualized your future in that environment, however, before choosing to invest in such development, we recommend comparing at least three different options. Although the design plays an important part when engaging with a home, it is an approximation, since the model or the render is not always a faithful copy of the final result, which could disappoint you. In addition, it is likely that the house of your dreams is located at a point away from the city, lacking public services or with colonies or subdivisions in precarious conditions, which could affect the quality of life of your environment and your family.

Research your credibility online

One of the great advantages of technology development is access to a greater volume of information. Decades ago we could only find out about irregularities by construction companies through conventional media, fortunately today we can check the reputation of companies through forums and social networks, just as it is possible to consult search engines that bring us information existing on frauds or irregularities on some construction company, either in our city or in any other state of our country. Sadly, there are still repeated cases of scams or half-promises by some real estate developments, in which tens or hundreds of families are affected by poorly done jobs or real estate never delivered.

It requires a copy of the contract

When formalizing the deal with the company, it is necessary that you have a copy of the contract, which must be registered with blue world city PROFECO and must detail everything related to the house that will be delivered, as well as the amounts to be covered, surcharges or penalties . In addition, specifications related to furniture to be included in the home, etc.

Analyze restrictions and conditions

Before signing the contract, we recommend that you thoroughly review and analyze what is included in that document, especially in the conditions, penalties and restrictions. If you fear ignoring any issue that is addressed in the contract, we recommend you approach a real estate professional or a lawyer who can guide you. Remember that the contract includes penalties in case of non-compliance with home delivery, non-payment or cancellation of the contract.

Optimize your budget during your payments

When you commit to acquiring a property in presale you must make different investments, such as the payment of a down payment, partial payments or credits to finance your assets. This constant investment could affect the budget you normally use. Therefore it is important to calculate if you can finance the monthly payments, as well as if you have sufficient savings or if you can be a creditor to pay your new home.

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