Stadiums, Lighting and Environment


From a distance PES 2013 is quite attractive.

The lighting fixtures outcomes appropriately pes 2013 indir depict gloomy days on the pitch as well as vivid and sunny ones. Since the most sensible digital camera perspectives are set faraway from the action, international football offers the most TV-style enchantment of any sport in a online game.

This is definitely a strong point here.

Player Models & Animation


The player fashions are stable right down to varying sized calves and head shapes. Some of the gamers do seem a tad too short and squatty, however that is more of a stylistic preference than an actual issue.

Nothing approximately the player fashions are unpleasant, there are just a few matters that might be rendered higher, touching on proportion.

Player Movement

In some times the animations are a bit too choppy.

The torsos appear to live a chunk too upright and stiff at all times, and a bit variance inside the sway of the player’s fingers at the same time as going for walks ought to make the motions appear extra natural.

This isn’t always the first-rate snafu, but it’s far substantial at some point in closeups, of which PES 2013 gives lots. That said, the player models are as a minimum at the level gamers could count on.

There simply isn’t always something special that stands out right here.


The faces of the gamers are carried out pretty nicely in most instances.

I’m trying to maintain the direct comparisons to FIFA to a minimum, however I should make be aware of the accuracy right here.

When the facial renders are nailed in Konami’s name, it is eerily accurate.

They function strong complexions on all or maximum, however there are some renders that simply do not look as similar to their actual existence likeness. Here are few examples of face renders from the sport:

Ronaldo de Assis Moreira AKA Ronaldinho

David Silva

Cristiano Ronaldo

Carlos Tevez

Wayne Rooney

As you may see the blemishes and marks have been covered, but the inconsistencies in accuracy may be visible as well. The Rooney and Silva images are a touch off the mark, but Ronaldinho’s picture become spot-on.

It is not that the imperfect renders make the players completely unrecognizable, it just isn’t always as accurate as it is able to be.